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Teeth whitening provides a quick and convenient way to cut through stains and discoloration. It can brighten your smile for months at a time and presents no risk of side effects. At Wine Country Aesthetic Dentistry, Annabelle Carnice, DDS, MSc, MAGD, and the team offer several types of teeth whitening, including in-office chairside whitening and take-home teeth whitening trays. To make an appointment at the office in San Ramon or Santa Rosa, California, call or book online today.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

What causes teeth to change color?

A variety of factors cause teeth to change color, including:

  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Oral trauma
  • Taking a medication with tetracycline
  • Drinking beverages with tannins like cola, coffee, and red wine
  • Tobacco use

The natural aging process can also contribute. Over the years, your tooth enamel wears down, making the yellow dentin underneath increasingly visible.

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dentistry technique that uses peroxide gel to eliminate tooth stains and discoloration. The products in teeth whitening are FDA-approved and present no risks or side effects. Following teeth whitening treatment, there’s no downtime; you can return to normal activities immediately.

What are the types of teeth whitening?

The team at Wine Country Aesthetic Dentistry offers the following teeth whitening options:

In-office teeth whitening

In-office teeth whitening can make your smile up to eight shades lighter in under an hour. During treatment, the team applies a medical-grade bleaching solution to the surface of your teeth. They let the solution sit for 15-20 minutes and then point a special light at your mouth.

The light activates a bleaching reaction, oxidizing your teeth. Your provider repeats these steps multiple times until they achieve your desired shade of white.

Take-home teeth whitening trays

Take-home teeth whitening trays are plastic mouthpieces that fit snugly over your teeth. You line them with a medical-grade bleaching solution and wear them for several hours each day, whenever is most convenient. Take-home whitening isn’t as quick as in-office whitening, but the results can be just as impressive.

Do the results of teeth whitening treatment last forever?

The results of teeth whitening treatment won’t last forever, but they can brighten your smile for between four and six months and sometimes longer. To maintain your results, the team at Wine Country Aesthetic Dentistry recommends brushing and flossing daily and visiting the office at least twice a year for a professional teeth cleaning.

To prevent stains from occurring, quit using tobacco, drink dark beverages from a straw, and avoid tomato-based foods like curries and pasta sauces.

If you want to transform your smile with teeth whitening, make an appointment at Wine Country Aesthetic Dentistry by calling the nearest office or booking online today.